It is with deep sadness and regret that we learnt that our long time editor-in-chief, Zoran Radović, PhD, passed away on June 9. In the battle with a serious illness he never gave up. He fought it until his last breath with his irrepressible optimism and buoyancy, wanderlust, urge to contemplate and write about insurance-related topics that preoccupied him since his youth.
Zoran Radović, PhD was born in Belgrade in 1933. He was educated in his hometown and graduated from the Faculty of Law, which was supposed to enable him to enter the world of law practice and guarantee his continuance of the family tradition, as his father had hoped he would do. However, Zoran had a different vision of his own career and calling in life. Back in his student days, he fantasized about far-off lands where his additional education in the field of maritime law could take him. His father recognized that youthful dreams were hard to resist, supported him, and helped him to continue his education in the United Kingdom where, at the University College of London, he majored in the subjects of English Legal Method, Transport Law, Maritime Insurance Law, and Contractual and Non-Contractual Law. He continued to advance his theoretical knowledge by working on a doctoral thesis in the field of maritime law and insurance, which he defended at the Faculty of Law of the University of Zagreb, earning the academic title of Doctor of Laws. This paved the path for Zoran Radović, PhD to become one of the greatest experts in transport, credit, and maritime insurance on the territory of the former Yugoslavia.
He applied his vast theoretical knowledge of the insurance industry to transport and credit insurance carried on at the Insurance and Reinsurance Institute Yugoslavia where he worked, as well as in the managing bodies of Dunav Insurance Company. His extensive work experience recommended him for the work on the application of the maritime law and insurance fraud research in foreign companies.
As a result of his considerable theoretical knowledge applied in practice, scientific monographs in the field of insurance were also published and represent the crown of his work in maritime and transport insurance, whereas their uniqueness is reflected in the topics that Mr. Radović expertly covered. The best known titles include: Insurance of Salvage at Sea (1980), Mortgage on a Ship (1986), Insurance of Export Credits (1989), Insurance Frauds (group of authors) (2003).
Mr. Zoran Radović's contribution to the development of insurance outside the borders of the former Yugoslavia was also noted at international conferences organized by the International Insurance Law Association (AIDA) in London, Paris and Lausanne, and the International Union of Aerospace Insurers in Baden-Baden and Venice.
He also demonstrated the talent to pass on knowledge as a lecturer at the Faculty of Law in Belgrade, at a course for lawyers working in the field of foreign trade. He gave highly appreciated lectures on Maritime Law and Maritime Insurance at the Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport in Portorož, and on the export credit insurance and terrorist risk insurance at the Faculty of Law in Maribor.
During his scientific and research work at the Institute of Comparative Law in Belgrade, where he retired, Mr. Zoran Radović often visited England and was engaged in practical and research work in numerous reputable institutions such as: Thomas R. Miller (P&I), London; The North of England (P&I), New Castle; The Salvage Association (salvage at sea), London; Lloyd's London, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, London; Chartered Insurance Institute, London; Institute of Maritime Law, Southampton Law School.
He took his place at the helm of the journal Insurance Trends in 2003, and opened a new chapter in the history of that reputable publication with a long tradition. The enthusiasm and strong commitment of Mr. Radović helped the journal to resurge. In an effort to exchange experience on hot topics of insurance practice, he used his reputation, which goes beyond the borders of our country, to gather authors from the entire region. In addition, he encouraged the participation of young authors by directing their research work and instructing them on the methodology of creating scientific works. Mr. Radović stayed at the forefront of the editorial office of Insurance Trends until the end of 2015, whereafter he continued to write about current topics in the field of insurance, which he tackled with undiminished enthusiasm.
We will remember him for the selfless support he provided, in his belief that we would achieve what we were all striving for - win a place in the list of scientific publications of our country and beyond. We will remember him for his kindness, irresistible charm, modesty and simplicity, friendliness, and numerous other qualities that adorned him and made him so unique and special. With respect and gratitude,

Editorial Office of the journal Insurance Trends