Aleksić Živojin, PhD, Professor

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Prof. Živojin Aleksić was born on May 30, 1931 in Belgrade, where he completed the high school and graduated from the Faculty of Law, in 1956. At the University of Lausanne 1962/63, Prof. Aleksić specialized in criminology and gained a master's degree. In 1964, he got the doctorate degree at the Faculty of Law in Belgrade, with the thesis Application of Scientific Achievements in Personal Sources of Evidence in Criminal Procedure. He completed three courses in comparative law at the universities of Pescara, Amsterdam and Strasbourg, within the International Comparative Law Academy. He specialized in and struggled against drug abuse following the United Nations Program.

In 1958, prof. Aleksić was selected assistant at the Department of Criminal Sciences at the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade. Upon passing the verbal doctoral exam, he was habilitated as an examiner on the Code of Criminal Proceedings subject, in 1959. In 1962, he started working at the Institute of Criminological & Sociological Research, where in 1973 he gained the title of a senior research associate. In 1973, returned to the Faculty of Law, first as an associate professor of Criminology and later as a full professor for the same subject (in 1979). He was the Head of Department of Criminal Sciences at the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade for two terms.

Prof. Aleksić, lectured by invitation at the Faculty of Law in Kragujevac, and was a regular professor and a lecturer at postgraduate studies by invitation at the Faculty of Law in Zagreb for a period of more than eight years. We can say that he lectured at almost all law faculties in Serbia and he is generally believed to have been a leading expert for criminology in Yugoslavia. He graded a number of master's and doctoral theses and frequently mentored them, regardless of the faculty they were defended.

Abroad, he lectured in the USA, Japan, China, the USSR, the Philippines, Australia, Germany, England, Poland, etc.

While still a student at the Faculty of Law, prof. Aleksić founded the Expert Group for Criminology.
His activities were noticed when he opposed the legalization of marijuana in Serbia and was specially engaged in seeking a solution for treating delinquent children (under 14). He received a number of plaques and awards for this work, and in 1971 was awarded the Order of Labor with Golden Wreath.

Prof. Aleksić is the author of numerous scientific papers:
The Implementation of Scientific Achievements in Personal Sources of Evidence in Criminal Proceedings, Belgrade 1965 (this book, a doctoral dissertation, was translated into German and published in 1969 in Hamburg - DKG. Particular chapters were internally translated in criminological institutes of Hungary and the USSR); Investigation in Fire and Arson, Belgrade, 1967; Methodology for Detecting Juvenile Delinquents, Belgrade, 1971; Scientific Detection of Crimes, Belgrade, 1973; Criminology - textbook (5 editions from 1979 to 1987); Illegal Evidence in Criminal Proceedings (script), Skopje, 1984; Foreign Criminal Police (script), Skopje, 1986; Practicum in Criminology, Belgrade, 1988.

He participated with a number of semantic items in the Legal Encyclopedia, the Economic Encyclopedia and Political Encyclopedia, as well as in a series of studies for the Institute of Comparative Law. Moreover, he published over 200 articles in Serbia and abroad in journals, proceedings and congress materials. He participated in the exhibition of the Serbian Academy of Sciences "Photography in Serbs" with an attachment and photographs - 150 years of court photography with Serbs.

He was the President of the Yugoslav Association for Criminal Law and Criminology, President of the Belgrade Bar Association, the secretary general of the Yugoslav Bar Association for more than eight years, the president of the International Association of Law Professors within the “World Peace through Law”, Yugoslavia's representative in the International Criminal Law Association and for many years, he was the editor of the Legal Life and the Archives of Legal and Social Sciences journals.

The Government of the SFRY and many international organizations invited Prof. Aleksić to train experts or perform criminal expertise (Zambia, trial in Stockholm, Berlin, forensic plane crash and identification in Cyprus, UP Drug Department, etc.).

Professor.Živojin Aleksić, PhD was a member of the Editorial Board of Insurance Trends journal since 2009 where he published a number of scientific articles: Establishing Causes and Liability for the Risk of Fire (Organized Labor Insurance no. 3/1985), Frauds in Maritime Insurance (Organized Labor Insurance no. 1/1986), Criminology and Life Insurance (Insurance Trends no. 1/2004), Discovering Arson in Property Insurance (Insurance Trends no. 3–4/2006), Suicide or Homicide and Life Insurance (Insurance Trends no. 4/2007), Investigation of Sabotage and Diversion: Arson and Placed Explosions (Insurance Trends no. 1-2/2009), Forensic Investigation of Forged Documents (Insurance Trends no. 3/2010).

Prof. Živojin Aleksić, PhD, passed away on January 30, 2012.

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