The online conference titled the Fourth Serbian Insurance Days organized by the Association of Serbian Insurers (UOS), held on November 26 under the symbolic title “How are you, friends” gathered the prominent representatives of insurance and reinsurance companies, insurance associations and other financial institutions from Serbia, the Region and the EU. Addressing the participants, the Conference moderator, Zoran Ćirić from the UOS, pointed out that the topics of Solvency II, International Financial Reporting Standards IFRS 17, Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), catastrophic damage and other actualities. Mr. Ćirić highlighted that today, in the Corona virus pandemic environment, we show interest in the health of the participants, the way how they complete their work processes, how the actual situation affected the insurance market and finally we want to show that we care for our insured and send the message that the insurance sector is a stable, reliable and required partner and a support.

UDK:(O48)659.2:004.738.5:796.092.272:368 (497.11)(524.63)(4-672EEZ)+368.032.1+347.734 Lаzаrеvić Davidović, dipl. pravnik Ljiljana Vodinelić, MA Ana Papović, dipl. filol. Bojana FOURTH SERBIAN DAYS ONLINE CONFERENCE Page: 123-136