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The Insurance Trends Journal has earned a name for itself amongst the professional readers’ public in Serbia and the region, through the continuity of its publication and the quality and up-datedness of the articles it has published for many years. Namely, on June 4, 2019, this scientific and professional journal, published by Dunav Insurance Company, celebrated its thirty-fifth anniversary since the establishment and first publication. Under the auspices and from the very beginning of Dunav Insurance Company, which inherited a century and a half long tradition of insurance in Serbia, the practice was nurtured of careful follow-up on the theory and practice of insurance in Serbia and globally, knowledge updated, the insurance industry employed professionally improved - a significant role in this mission was and still is that of the Insurance Trends Journal.

The Insurance Trends Journal covers all aspects of insurance - legal, economic, technological and organizational, information technology, preventive-engineering, marketing. The Journal is intended not only for the employees of Dunav Insurance Company but for all those who seek to understand in more detail the essence of insurance and get acquainted with the tendencies in this industry in Serbia, the region and worldwide – to this end, the Journal is available to all the interested readers in printed and electronic form.

The fact that the Journal has become what it is now known for today, namely, a serious scientific and professional publication, is due to the great scientific knowledge and experience of the editors-in-chief, always selected from amongst scientific researchers specializing in insurance. Dragica Jankovic, PhD, a member of the Company's Executive Board has been at this position since 2016.

The Journal has a Publishing Council and Editorial Board comprising distinguished professors and scientific researchers.

The expert team, guided by the editor-in-chief, has always managed to bring together the scientific elite and publish papers authored by eminent professors and scientific researchers from Serbia and region (list of contributors).

All articles published in Insurance Trends are subject to scientific and professional review. The list of permanent reviewers includes distinguished professors from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia (List of reviewers).

The Institute for Comparative Law in Belgrade joined the project of publishing and improving the quality of the Journal to an even higher level, signing with us the co- publishing agreement in April 2016. In 2019, a cooperation was established with the Centre for Evaluation in Education and Science (CEON).

Starting from 2014 and with a view of making the content of the Journal available to the scientific and professional public worldwide, the articles have been published bilingually, in Serbian and English.

The Journal has been included in the International System for Serial Publications and bears the international identification number at the national and international level ISSN 1451-3757 (International Serial Standard Number).

The National Library of Serbia has assigned the catalogue number CIP 368 to the Journal, and the mandatory copy is regularly placed in the Repository of the National Library of Serbia.

Časopis „Insurance“ nalazi se na listi naučnih časopisa Ministarstva prosvete, nauke i tehnološkog razvoja Republike Srbije. Uvršćen je u kategoriju M 51 u grupi časopisa za društvene nauke u 2020. godini (http://www.mpn.gov.rs/casopisi/).