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INSURANCE TRENDS - Traces in time

The Insurance Trends Journal was preceded by the publication titled Insurance - Chronicle of Theory, Court Practice and Legislation, published and edited by the Department for Scientific Research and Insurance Documentation of the Yugoslav Insurance Community. This publication was launched in 1965, and its editor-in-chief was prof. Vladimir Jovanović, PhD, then associate professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade and the head of the mentioned Department for Scientific Research. The publication was printed in a circulation of 400 copies and was published quarterly (Front page and editorial of the first issue of the Insurance - a chronicle of theory, case law and legislation journal in pdf.).

During the constitutional period of the Yugoslav Insurance Community and the Yugoslavia Insurance and Reinsurance Institute, there was an interruption in the publishing of this journal, to be resumed in 1971. The journal retained the concept of following up with the global insurance practice and theory and the idea that it should serve those employees of the Institute who lead up the development and improvement of Serbian insurance practice. The novelty compared to the original content of the journal was a critical review of particular domestic insurance rules and providing the answers to the practical issues regarding the enforcement of such rules (Title page of the Insurance - Chronicle of Theory, Court Practice and Legislation journal from the year and introductory speech of the editor prof. Vladimir Jovanovic, PhD).

In 1974, the Yugoslavia Institute integrated with the Belgrade Institute into Dunav Property and Personal Insurance Association (ZOIL), where a special Professional Insurance Library was formed boosting of the richest fund in the Balkans of local and foreign books and journals. Its employees, all highly educated, have continued publishing Insurance - Chronicle of Theory, Case Law and Legislation, and launch the newsletter Review of Local and Foreign Press. The bulletin publishes reviews of articles from the twenty most important international professional journals in the field of insurance, to which the Library is subscribed (American, English, German and French journals) as well as reviews of international books purchased for its users. The Dunav Insurance’s library was and remains one of the most important pillars of the later launched scientific and professional journal and we can freely claim that it is an institution known in the circles of the academic community - students, postgraduates and scientific researchers from the entire region.

On January 28, 1983, the Dunav Insurance Assembly, as a community authority that makes all the most important business decisions, has adopted the Rulebook on Information and Publishing (Bulletin of the ZOIL Dunav No. 1 of January 31, 1983) that, among other things, stipulated permanent forms of publishing activity such as the Insurance informative newspaper and occasional editions like books, manuals, scripts, professional texts and bulletins. Also, it was decided that the previous editions of Insurance - Chronicle of Theory, Court Practice and Legislation and Review of Domestic and Foreign Press would be extinguished as individual editions and the complete material they contained would be included in the new journal that was planned for launching.

Dunav’s Assembly, at their session of May 12, 1983, adopted the Decision on the appointment of the Council for Information and Publishing (Bulletin of the ZOIL Dunav No. 2 of May 31, 1983).This Council held their first session on July 13 of the same year. At the proposal of the Executive Board of ZOIL Dunav, the Assembly appointed members of the Editorial Board, comprising the representatives of the economy, eminent professors and experts from the Company: Vladeta Mladenović (PIK "Takovo", Gornji Milanovac), prof. Vladimir Jovanović, PhD (Faculty of Law, Belgrade), prof. Rajko Ralević, PhD (Faculty of Economics, Belgrade), prof. Dragutin Kisić. PhD (Faculty of Agriculture, Belgrade), M.Sc. Bogoljub Vitorović (Working Community OZR Belgrade), Jovan Petković (Working Community OZR Belgrade), Vladislav Manojlović ( Insurance Development Working Community, Belgrade) and M.Sc. Jasna Pak (Insurance Development Working Community, Belgrade), who was appointed editor-in-chief (Decision on Appointment of Members of Editorial Boards and Editors-in-Chief in ZOIL Dunav in pdf).

By the adoption of the new organization of the Working Community for Insurance Development Affairs on July 28, 1983, the Department for Information and Publishing was formed. Within ten months, thanks to the inexhaustible enthusiasm and great professional knowledge and experience of the head of the newly formed department, B.Sc.Econ. Milica Pavlićević and the team of her associates, the idea of ​​founding the review lead to a positive opinion of the Committee of the Presidency for Information of the Council of Trade Unions of Serbia to launch a professional magazine titled the Insurance of Associated Labor (Opinion, Request for Opinion on Initiative and Initiative to Launch a Journal in pdf). Within that period, the concept of the journal and the artistic solution were devised, and the Founding Act was prepared, that was adopted by the Assembly of ZOIL Dunav (Decision on Initiating and Publishing Professional Journal and the Act on Founding Professional Journal in pdf form).

In April 1984, on the basis of the Rulebook on Information and Publishing and the internal advertisement, Prof. Ivo Ivanovic, PhD, Professor at the Faculty of Technology, University of Tuzla, was appointed the editor-in-chief.

On June 4, 1984, a Resolution was made to register the journal in the Register of Public Media, under the title of Insurance of Associated Labor (Decision on entry of the Insurance of Associated Labour journal in the Register of Public Media) and the first issue saw the light of day immediately after that (Front page and editorial of the first issue of the Insurance of Associated Labour journal).

In an effort to keep the topics published in the journal current, at the highest scientific and professional level, numerous contributors were encouraged to join, both from the ranks of experienced professional staff within the Company and scientific circles from all over the former Yugoslavia

By the end of the eighties, the journal received an authentic visual identity and content, and as such reached the list of professional publications of the Insurance Information Institute USA , seated in New York. This was much contributed to by the first editor-in-chief, prof. Ivo Ivanović, PhD, who resigned from this position in January 1990, at his own request. The editorial lead was taken over Prof. Antonije Tasić, PhD, full professor at the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade, representative of Yugoslavia at the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank) from 1953 to 1957, dean of the Faculty of Economics in Subotica, expert in insurance well-known in Europe and the world. In March 1990, the name of the journal was changed for the first time to Insurance in Theory and Practice (Odluka o izmeni Odluke o pokretanju i izdavanju stručnog časopisa u pdf. formatu). The journal was published under this title until October 2002, and the articles published in the journal were increasingly cited in other scientific and professional publications – books and magazines.

In 1998, when prof. Tasić deceased, the duty of the editor-in-chief was very dedicatedly taken over by Prof. Predrag Šulejić, PhD, full professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade, where, among other subjects, he taught Insurance Law. Prof. Šulejić puts at the disposal of the Editorial Board of the journal his rich knowledge in the field of insurance, enthusiasm and the will to not only continue with the journal in a well-established way, but also to improve it even more. Unfortunately, this coincided with the period when there was a change in the management structure in the Company, and the new management did not have much interest in investing in science and education, which could not quickly bring the expected profit. Although it was not extinguished, the magazine was no longer published regularly.

Favourable winds started blowing in 2002. The magazine again received the support of the leading people of Dunav Insurance and a marketing agency was hired to visually change and design the new title of the publication. The title Insurance Trends was a new name then proposed and adopted, under which the magazine is published today (Front page of redesigned journal from 2002).

In April 2003, Dr. Zoran Radović, PhD in Law, whose specialty is transport and credit insurance, was appointed editor-in-chief. By engaging in editing the magazine, Dr. Radović managed to gather the scientific and professional elite from the country and the region. Papers were published in the journal by eminent professors and scientific researchers, such as. prof. Živojin Aleksić, PhD (Faculty of Law in Belgrade), Prof. Ljubiša Dabić (Faculty of Economics in Belgrade) PhD, Jovan Ćirić, PhD, and Ivanka Spasić, PhD, (Institute for Comparative Law in Belgrade), prof. Šime Ivanjko, PhD (Faculty of Law in Maribor), prof. Boris Žnidarič, PhD (Triglav Company, Ljubljana), Miroslav Končina, PhD (Ministry of Economy of Slovenia), prof. Drago Pavić, PhD (Faculty of Maritime Studies in Split) and many others. Dr. Radović gave the opportunity to publish professional articles to many young colleagues engaged at professional insurance positions in our Company.

In addition, Dr. Zoran Radović started an initiative to submit a request to the Ministry of Science and Technological Development of Serbia for the status of a scientific journal that would enable wider international promotion of both the journal and the Dunav Insurance Company.

The topics of the articles published in the journal followed up the current events on the insurance market and in the legislation (articles on the new law on insurance, on insurance supervision, legal aspects of privatization of insurance companies in Serbia, liquidation of insurance organizations, etc.). Professional matters from all areas of insurance were considered - property, credit, transport, health, pension, life insurance, including the outstanding articles on general topics such as business ethics, entrepreneurship in insurance, prevention, insurance fraud, etc. All important consultations on the topic of insurance, books in this field, international professional articles, local and foreign case law were reviewed and the introduction of a new permanent column dedicated to European Union regulations in the field of insurance was of special importance.

We set down to redesigning the journal once again in 2012 (New redesign from 2012).

Starting from 2014, in order to make the content of the journal available to the scientific and professional global public, the articles are published bilingually, in Serbian and English, and the Institute for Comparative Law from Belgrade, with which a co-publishing agreement was concluded in April 2016, joined the project of publishing and improving the quality of the journal to an even higher level.

In March 2016, at the suggestion of the Publishing Council of the Insurance Trends Journal, Dragica Janković, PhD, in Economics, member of the Executive Board of the Dunav Insurance Company was elected the new editor-in-chief. Apart from highly professional and responsible jobs, Dragica Janković has also confirmed her expertise in the field of science. She defended the master's and doctoral thesis in the field of insurance, published several professional and scientific papers in that area, authored the Insurance textbook and developed numerous papers for presentation at symposia, as well as articles published in the scientific journals. She was engaged as a lecturer from 2011 to 2016, on the subjects relating to insurance at the Novi Sad School of Business. Dr. Dragica Janković accepted the duties of editor-in-chief and took on the obligation to preserve and improve the quality of the Insurance Trends Journal and contribute to the journal gaining the status of a scientific publication, which has been finally achieved. The Insurance Trends Journal is on the list of scientific journals of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia. It was included as the M 53 category in the group of social science journals in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 (

Ljiljana Lazarević Davidović, Senior Editor of the Insurance Trends Journal

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