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Risk is ever present, in any place and at any time. It is component part of human existence and man is under constant pressure to adjust to it. Individuals have with more or less success managed to find ways of coming to terms with the risks they faced. One of the ways which greatly helped man successfully cope with risk is, by all means, insurance. But then, we have a long history of attempts by individuals and groups, and often successful ones, to solve their problems and accommodate their needs in an illegal way, by fraud, and in this respect the insurance business has not been spared. Luckily, such frauds are not always successful as is shown in the case of „Uniqa Insurance“ which is discussed in this paper. This case of fraud, although an unsuccessful one, is presented to the public, and in particular to insurance companies, as a lesson on a possible method of fraud, a warning about the consequences of such frauds and, eventually, as an incentive and encouragement that we can successfully fight fraudulent activities.